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'Blend It' was made during the Game Makers Toolkit Game Jam, with the theme 'Dual Purpose Design'.

You play as a hip and trendy farm owner who makes tomato smoothies in his giant blender. Farm tomatoes, avoid bugs and deliver smoothie blocks to the delivery trucks!

So, strap on your gear and get ready to blend!

Recommended to play on 1600x900 resolution!

The Theme

'Blend it!' matches the theme of 'Dual Purpose Design' in several ways. All player mechanics act in several ways.

Your jump also punches up enemies, allowing you to catch them in your blender.

Your smoothie shot kills enemies, while it is also used to score.

Your smoothie ammo also functions as your health, starting a death timer when you run out.

Your ground slam kills enemies, while it also breaks shot blocks, restoring your ammo/health.

Intended Platform


Third-Party Resources


  • Ewout Bos (Code)
  • Thomas van Halteren (Art)

Install instructions

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Run .exe
  4. Enjoy!

Recommended to play on 1600x900 resolution!


BlendIt.zip 13 MB

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